Enjoy perfectly polished fingertips

Gel Overlay - Bio Sculpture

Full Set with Tips                                         $85

Plain or Accent on up to  4 nails           $65 

Accent on more that 4 nails                   $70          

French                                                              $70

Toes                                                                   $55

Shellac - Non chip Nail Colour

A beautiful glossy finish that lasts up to 14 days chip free


Special occasion tips                              $70

Plain or Accent on up to 4 nails          $45

Accent on more than 4 nails                $50

French                                                           $50

Toes                                                                $45

Buff & Polish Fingers & Toes

Includes Dry Manicure and Traditional Polish    $35

Enhancement Removal

Have your gel or shellac nail enhancements

professionally removed to ensure healthier stronger nails.

Applied  by our technicians                  $10

Applied by other  nail  technicians   $20

NOTE: We reserve the right to decline to remove acrylic nail enhancements or gel nails applied by other salons

If we choose to do so the total cost to remove Arcylic or SNS nails will be priced at our discretion and  based on the Bio Gel Hourly rate of $65 


Enhancements and Gel Polishes are guaranteed for 5 days after your appointment. If you lose an enhancement or notice chips or lifting in the first five days, please call us and schedule a free repair.Repairs after 5 days or for breakages, tears and corner breaks are $5 each. Please remember , nails are jewels and not tools. Be kind to your and they will look beautiful for weeks after your service . Traditional nail polish services are not guaranteed.