• Mel Von Stanke

Get the g(l)oss on LIPS

First and foremost, good lips are a sign of good health, so look after yourself, follow a healthy diet and of course drink plenty of water, your lips are one of the first tell-tale signs you are dehydrated when they become paper thin and crack quickly.

They are always facing the elements and more so in the winter winds than the summer sun. Purchase a good quality Lip Balm which contains quality ingredients, shea butter and beeswax are two of the best around, but most importantly one with a SPF which will provide you with protection from the sun’s harmful rays

Don't leave it home in the bathroom cabinet, always carry it with you. Use your lip moistening balm every day, several times and always just before going to bed.

As a professional makeup artist I recommend you also invest in a good quality lip brush and once mastered, your will find your lipstick application will be a lot smoother and more precise. Using a lip brush presses the product into your lips much deeper than you will using your fingers or the stick of lip colour.

Another helpful tip is to apply a similar coloured lip stain under your lip stick to extend the time you glow.

To perfect you lip colour application first line you lip to stop bleeding. Nude lip liner is the perfect addition to your makeup bag, it will blend with any of your favourite lip sticks.

If you are looking to make a statement, go glossy , apply your favourite lip colour and top with a clear gloss to reflect the light and make your pout pop.

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