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Quick & Easy Morning Routine for Busy Mum's

Mornings are a crazy time for any mum whether she is working or working out or simply wants to have a touch of makeup to give her a bit more self-confidence before she heads to the school drop off, keeping it simple and knowing your products is the key to achieving a great look in a few short minutes

We asked Beauty Salon Owner and mum of 3 Mel Von Stanke from Vanity Makeup Bar & Body Lounge how she makes this happen daily. “I work in my salon 4 or more days a week and on my days off I run into many of my clients when I am doing the school run or shopping in our regional centre, and I feel the need to use a touch of my trade so to speak, very rarely do I get a makeup free day.”

Start with a good skin care routine, it is the best preparation for a daily glow. “Take care of your skin before going to bed, I am most often tired at night after a long day but taking the time to do this at night saves me precious time in the morning."

Choose a moisturiser to suit for your skin type, one which contain SPF is very important and invest in a good primer. Simply apply each in turn, evenly around the face before you put your finishing touches on. There are a lot on the market, get professional advice to which suits you the best and it will provide the best base for your daily routine.

A medium weight liquid foundation gives a delicate dewy finish which is right on trend. Powder foundations are fine, and you may find easier to apply, but a good liquid foundation applied correctly with good blending is the look I prefer.

As with anything get the right tools for the job, I recommend using a round buffer foundation brush and apply your foundation in small circular motion, blending until you have covered your whole face. Be sure to blend down toward the neck and up in to the hair line, this medium foundation will even out your skin tone without looking too heavy.

Use a light weight liquid under-eye concealer one shade lighter than your overall skin tone, to brighten the under-eye area and you will look and feel better instantly, this is best applied with a concealer brush. By choosing a liquid concealer, like your foundation, gives you’re a fresher finish.

Choose a mascara that adds volume and length to your lashes in seconds. To stop any smudges or clumping, the secret is to use waterproof mascara. It will stay on for longer, is completely smudge free and is immune to heat or rubbing. Always apply mascara to your bottom lashes first. Then pile it up onto your top lashes for maximum effect.

Your brows define your face and filling in your brows can make a whole lot of difference. Choose a similarly coloured pressed brow powder an apply with an angled brush to define the shape of your brows even more. Brush through brows again to blend out the colour and soften any harsh lines.

Blush is an essential product to make you look refreshed by adding a little bit of definition to your cheeks. Giving just a hint of colour to the cheekbones is a great way to keep your face looking healthy and flushed, without looking 'over-done'.

Finish with a dash of hydrating colour with the right amount of pigment and shine, in the form of your favourite gloss or lip creme and carry it with you and re apply throughout the day.

I feel with a fresh-faced glow I am ready to face the day ahead and the challenges it throws my way

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