“I  always research what’s going on in your industry regularly?  The internet is a godsend for this and endless information on every trend is readily available .From the catwalks to the red carpet , as soon as a new trend emerges , it is in our face on the www. The Social media and Television is also a great source for inspiration.
Not only is there the need to keep up with trends but the need to keep up with  the latest technologies, so I  can make sure I am  always a step ahead of my competitors. I don’t look at what everyone else is doing and do the same – I  think about how these trends will develop and create my own path .
It can be difficult to find the time to research, as my  days are already full to the brim with our daily work demands. But set yourself some time aside each day to research and you will soon see the direct impact it has on your work.​

I am signed up to a ton of blogs, and I follow some fantastic people and brands  When I come across an interesting piece I particularly admire, I check to see if there is a newsletter or blog that I can sign up to so that future news is sent straight to my inbox.

My research only enhances the work I do for my clients – it inspires me with creative ideas, gives me a sound knowledge of the industry and enables me to help them stay one step ahead of the game.