Threading is an ancient technique for facial hair removal. Just a simple cotton thread, skilfully manipulated along your skin   surface. It’s 100% natural and the ideal way to shape your brows.

Why are so many people choosing threading over other techniques? Because threading is:

ACCURATE: Threading can remove a line of hair with incredible precision; it can even target a single hair amongst        thousands. This level of control and fine-tuning makes threading the world’s most popular technique for eyebrow shaping.

ULTRA GENTLE: Threading is natural, gentle and suitable for all skin types, even children. It lifts the hair from the very base, with minimal pain or irritation, and without damage to your         delicate skin.

EFFECTIVE: Threading removes ALL the hair (the very fine and the thick, stubborn strands) from the follicle, giving you even better results than waxing.

LONG-LASTING: Because it tackles even the tiniest of hairs, threading reduces the rate and quantity of regrowth, meaning longer-lasting results and fewer salon visits.

SAFE + HYGIENIC: No chemicals, no applied heat, no shared equipment – we use a brand new piece of thread every time.