We are Mount Gambiers  most exclusive brow studio and enhancing your appearance is our passion. We know that your brow is the most dynamic and dramatic feature on your face, ever changing and demanding constant attention. Why trust any but the most experienced and dedicated team of beauty professionals.A defined and elegant brow accessorises your face, ensuring you feel confident and beautiful. We make sure to create a look that’s perfect for you; no templates and no one size fits all. Entrust your look to a specialist who will consult with you on the style best suited to your most gorgeous asset – your face.

Intimate  waxing


xxx (totally bare)                                          50 min                   $55
Brazilian (landing strip)                            30 min                    $45
Classic Bikini (beside panty line only)    15 min                      $25
Extended Bikini (high leg/thong)          30 min                    $35

XXX  Maintain 

(only valid if booked every 3 weeks)                 30min                          $30

​Beauty Essentials

Wax Brow                                                15min                  $20
Tint Brow                                                 15 min                 $20
Tint Lash                                                 15 min                  $20
Tint Brow & Lash                                 30 min                 $30
Tint Lash Brow Wax Brow                30 min                 $45

Threading is a totally natural process of facial hair removal primarily for
ladies with sensitivities ,allergies and skin irritations  ...............from $20

Female Waxing

Brow                                  15 min                     $20
Lip                                      15 min                     $20
Chin                                   15 min                     $20
Lip & Brow                      15 min                     $30
Lip & Chin                        15 min                     $25
Lip & Chin & Brow        30 min                    $35
 Face  Sides                       15  min                  $20

Underarm                         15 min                    $20
Arms                                   30 min                   $30
Full Leg                              45 min                   $50
Half Leg                             30 min                   $30
3/4 Leg                               30 min                   $40